Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Being Patient for grandmas Arrival

So I was with the kids at one of my favorite cocoa beach restaurants with the kids and I got a call from my mom.   When she called me, the first thing she wanted to talk about was coming to visit me.  I love her don't get me wrong.  But every time she comes to visit me she ends up taking over the house.  For me I am not quite sure the best way to deal with this.  Now my wife thinks I should just help her find the right hotel on the beach.   I know she would enjoy that Idea.  But I am not sure how to tell her.  That I would rather her stay at a hotel, then at my house.  Now if she was to stay at a hotel.  It would be much easier to enjoy her.  Because I wouldn't feel pressured to entertain her every day.  But when I did see her, we would be more present together because it wasn't an every day experience.  The funny thing is...that as I write this I am starting to get some ideas about how I can tell here where she should stay.  

Now there are a lot of fun things to do in cocoa beach even if we aren't spending time with here.  So I don't think she could ever get board by staying at a hotel instead of my house.  So anyway, I really do look forward to her coming to visit me.  I just know that it will be a better experience. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Spending time with the kids

Sometimes life ends up moving a little to fast.   When we reflect on how we feel about our lives we can look around and notice the intense schedule, the stress and the lack of quality fun we are having with the family.  So every once and a while we need to just stop and remember why we are working so hard.  Now, I don't know about you but I work hard so I can spend quality time with my family and live a better life.  But if the very thing that your using to live a better life is starting to decrease you level of experience your having with your life then its time to take a little family vacation in Florida.

Well thats what I do anyway.  For me its more of a stay-cation when I go 4 miles a way and stay at a cocoa beach hotel.  Or whatever I do that's exciting for me and my family at the time.  The main thing I know is that if you don't take the time to have a little fun, then you can't site around wandering why you don't have a great relationship with your family or why you feel like your not living the quality of life you would like.

Anyway, I just wanted to inspire you to take a little time for yourself, its as important if not more then that actual work you do.  Because everything in nature rest, that means you need it too.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Keeping it fun, when your in the sun...but without the burn

I was leaving one of the cocoa beach florida hotels.   And when I walked outside I realized what a huge red burn I had on my shoulders.  I was having so much fun the other day....I had no idea I was getting fried.  I guess I could have expected it, I know... but hey, I was having a blast.  

A couple things I learned about keeping the sun off of you when you are finding fun things to do in florida.

Make sure you drink lots of water.  I know its an easy thing to forget when there are things like margarettas around but...a couple of couple of cups of water is that little difference that makes the difference.  Trust me.

Also make sure that you give yourself a little shad.  I know a lot of people that think the more sun they get the better but that just isn't true.  One time when I was on vacation with my family.  My aunt thought that she wanted to lay out all day on the beach even though she has never been to the beach here life.  How well do you think that worked out for here.  Not well I am going to tell you.  Anyway.  Stay tooned will have some more articles coming your way soon.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the perfect end of the day...

 Here is a little vacation story from a friend that I just got in an email.

So the other day I was looking for some good shopping in central florida  and I realized I forgot my debit card.  So of course I think the worst right.  I am looking through my car, blaming the kids... looking for any reason why its not my falt that I am missing my debit card.  So after about a hour or so looking everywhere I just gave up.  Now when I say gave up I mean on the card.   Of course I wasn't going to let that ruin my day.  At first I thought I probably just left it in my Hotel in Cocoa Beach fl.   But I made a call to some family members saying with me on my little family beach vacation in fl and they said it wasn't there... so no big deal right.   Wrong well as soon as I told my mother I was missing my card of course she made this huge deal out of it.  Saying this and that.   Now I know I should cancel it so I don't get someone stealing from me but really I was about to do that there is no reason to yell or anything.   Anyway, I went to make a call and when I looked in my back pocket I noticed it was there. 

My moral of the story is to be present make sure that you put things where you know you can track them on vacation but have fun and at the same time.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Reflecting on an experience

I was enjoying some time with my kids the other day and we were all talking about the best places we have been family beach vacations in Florida.    I personally am find with just doing a staycation in my home town.  If fact its as simple as taking one of the Cocoa Beach Fl Hotels and just using all the amenities and going to the beach.  Simple right?

The girls were talking about going to disney, or MGM and all that stuff is great.  But its just seems like a lot of work to me.  After all why go though all the lines and all that stuff.  Maybe I am just complacent because I live next to Orlando or maybe I am just a beach person. 

After all I already know the best cocoa beach restaurants, I don't have to go to Orlando to get a good meal or have a good restful experience.  As I write this now I know why I don't want to go to Orlando.  When I think about taking a vacation I think about experiencing the fun things to do in florida and just relaxing.  Thats about it, nothing more nothing less.

Where have you been on vacation before?  Have you been to Florida yet?  You should come visit us.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Traveling Down to Cocoa Beach

I am always writting these little blog articles looking for and enjoying the feedback I get for your Vacations in Florida.   Now I normally get emails from people telling me about there time in Cocoa Beach.  There stories usually include everything to Restaurants in Cocoa Beach Fl or the Hotels in Cocoa Beach Florida all the way down to the smallest experience you can imagine.  I love the details, you see there is just so much to do here.  And I really want to hear your story, because it becomes fuel for my passion for helping others enjoy our town.

In fact just not that long ago I got an email from someone that have never even been to florida but wants to and wanted to hear about the different things to do.  I love that stuff so keep it coming.  Anywho...  What inspired this desire to hear more from you is an experience I had overlooking the water the other day.  I was about to go sit on my dock overlooking the river and I decided to grab my mail first off the counter before I walked about the back door.  I put all my bills in one pile, ads in another...and I noticed one other piece of mail.  It was a letter from someone.  A hand written letter.  Now how often do you get hand written letters?

For me, its not very often.  I mean I wish I got more of them.. but who writes a hand written letter anymore.  Anyway... So of course it got my attention.  It was a letter from a family that decided to visit cocoa beach the other week and had an amazing time.  They went on and on about there experience here and they even included pictures.  I have to tell you I really felt like part of the family. 

Since that letter I have had a passion for learning about others experience here.  It makes me feel like I have a special place in peoples lives...  That might sound funny but many people remember there vacations more than anything else.  And if I can make it a special experience than, I fell like I have done something great!

Tell next time

Monday, August 1, 2011

Dinning in Cocoa Beach Florida | Restaurants in Cocoa Beach FL

There are a lot of different kinds of place to enjoy in cocoa beach when it comes to finding a great restaurant.  It doesn't matter if your looking for the best stake restaurant in cocoa beach florida or if your looking for a special seafood restaurant in cocoa beach florida.  I am going to tell you right now that we have lots of choices that you will love.  I personally love these mexican restaurants in cocoa beach fl.

But no matter where you go make sure that you let me know where you went, how it was so that way i can share it with the other people just like you and me that want to find the best restaurants cocoa beach florida

If you want the next time I post I think i am going to share some pictures with you... I know it sounds kinda corney but, I have some really great pictures of the places I have been with my family.